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          Founded in 2013 by Stan Mazur, The Jackson Northwest Kiwanis Club took the initiative to plant an abundance of flowering trees throughout Cascades "Sparks" Park of Jackson, Michigan. These trees would be a significant tourist attraction in the Jackson area. Not only that, the trees act as a memorial to lost loved ones from the community.

July 2019 Stan Mazur, Grandson Carter and close friend Owen Campbell pose for a picture while working to keep the flowering trees looking good.

          We envision hundreds of flowering trees to be planted mainly along approximately four miles of the multi-use pathways at twenty to thirty foot intervals, staggered on both sides of the walkway. Clusters of flowering trees could be planted in other designated areas. A large ten foot by twenty foot directory, along with a sixty foot lighted flag pole system would eventually be installed within the park as an intricate part of the flowering tree project.
          Jackson County Kiwanis would like to invite you to adopt a flowering tree to be planted at Sparks "Cascades" Park in hope of improving the landscape and attraction of the park. Your contribution is tax deductible and will provide a legacy for you and your loved ones for generations. You can reduce your donation amount by 50% in sharing a tree with another individual or family. Your donation includes seasonal up keep and perpetual care of the tree. Over one hundred trees have already been planted.

July 2019 The three spent the day mulching and cleaning all the trees that have been planted over the last two years

Our Board Members:

Kiwanis Club of Jackson Foundation Board:

    Robert Frank - President and Secretary
    Stanley Mazur - Treasurer
    Betty Frank  - Member
    Linda Danley - Member
    James Justin - Member
    Renee Marks - Member
    Meredith Mazur - Member

Kiwanis Flowering Tree Project Board:

Jeffrey Mazur - President
Rhonda Rowley - Vice President
Stanley Mazur - Secretary/Treasurer

John Wright - Technical Advisor
Gary Huffman - Director
Sparry Sparks - Director
Susan VanRiper - Director

In The News


Jun 4, 2013

JACKSON, MI – Sharp Park Academy students collected multiple cans of pennies over a three week period to buy a flowering tree that will be planted at Sparks Foundation...READ MORE

Jun 5, 2019

JACKSON, MI – The Jackson Northwest Kiwanis Club planted 37 Cleveland pear trees Tuesday, June 4 in Cascades Park as part of its Kiwanis Flowering Trees project...READ MORE

May 2016 Lisa and Jim Scott along with other family members gathering for a photo next to the tree they adopted.

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